Platform Issues and Endorsements

Platform Issues


Indiana once had one of the best education systems in America, but the Republican controlled legislature used the financial crash of 2008 to gut public education. Not only is Indiana ranked 24th in the nation for education, but we are experiencing a teacher shortage as educators leave the state for better opportunities. It is no secret the Republican party wants to destroy our public schools, using every excuse to defund our school systems even further and give bigger tax breaks to their friends.

Without highly-trained, motivated teachers for our children, our local workforce will not be able to compete with other states. Indiana must provide support for public education in order to keep our state competitive in the future. We can do this by allowing teachers to have stronger capability to bargain for wages and working conditions, as well as taking a serious look at past legislation that has led to a reduction in available funds for schools. 

My Education platform is one that puts your children and grandchildren FIRST!

  • Increases wages for teachers and paraprofessionals
  • Supports Universal Pre-K
  • Reinstates teacher’s ability to bargain for working conditions
  • Provides higher-quality lunches that are free to ALL students
  • Ends textbook rental fees
  • Supports a change to need-based education funding


    The current pandemic has shown just how important it is that we have leaders who understand the healthcare system and how important having access to doctors and medications are for ALL Hoosier families. I have extensive knowledge and experience in the medical field, working as a medic and a nurse in the armed forces and the civilian sector. I have also helped on the frontline of disasters all over the world and here in the US.

    Our state continues to suffer from high costs and poor access to healthcare. Because of this, Indiana is ranked 40th in the nation in terms of healthcare. Medications are getting more and more expensive, and affordable options continue to shrink. Sadly, this trend has not improved in the past few years. For too long, Hoosiers have had to choose between their life-saving medications and food, rent, and utilities. We have no choice. We need to improve our infrastructure and improve access to healthcare. 

    My Healthcare platform will focus on the following: 

    • Lowering the cost of prescriptions
    • Capping insulin prices
    • Increasing funding to combat the opioid epidemic
    • Supporting pharmacist-prescribed birth control
    • Increasing access to affordable healthcare for hoosiers
    • Removing laws creating barriers to a person’s right to choice


      Economic recessions are an unfortunate reality for everyone. Northern Indiana gets hit the hardest during downturns here in the US. We are tough, hard working people that pull together to get through difficult times. We need a leader who stands with working people and understands what it is to struggle together. 

In my four years as a corrections nurse, I witnessed firsthand the destructive and often racist nature of marijuana laws. Being arrested can cause missed work, resulting in loss of jobs, homes, or transportation. Many lives are made more difficult, or even ruined unnecessarily. Decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana, and expunging past convictions, will remove these destructive effects, and allow taxpayer money to be used to fund roads and schools rather than jails. 

      We need a leader who doesn’t put hurdles in our way to financial stability, but breaks down barriers and accurately represents workers!

      My Economic priorities are the following:

      • Repeal so-called “Right to Work” laws
      • Support “Right to Repair” laws for farmers
      • Diversify economic opportunities (not just RV production)
      • Strongly support Union Rights
      • Legalize marijuana


        Climate change is real and is not going away. It is not a hoax, and we need leadership that doesn’t attempt to wish it away. Indiana farmers face increasingly extreme weather conditions that impact their ability to feed our nation. We have a responsibility to future generations to protect our environment.  Inaction is not an option.  

        Indiana needs to listen to its farmers and climate experts in order to meet Indiana’s existential crisis. Hoosier agriculture, an industry already reeling from tariffs, will be hit particularly hard.  Studies by Purdue researchers have put crop loss at 10 percent or more if the climate continues to warm unabated. 

        Addressing climate change is not only necessary, but it’s an opportunity. Indiana should—and can—lead the nation in clean, renewable energy and agriculture.

        I believe the experts, and my Environmental Platform reflects that! My platform:

        • Fosters the development of Green Industry
        • Phases out Indiana coal plants to sustainable, renewable energy
        • Protects our lakes, rivers, wetlands, and farmland
        • Supports nuclear energy as a bridge to cleaner energy


          Individually Endorsed by:

          Doug Mulvaney
          Chair, Elkhart Board of Zoning Appeals and Attorney at Law, Mulvaney Law Office, LLC

          Dr. Rick Randolph
          Chief Medical Officer, Ebola Treatment Unit, Tappita, Liberia

          Mandy Leazenby
          TRA Certification President, Elkhart Fire Merit Commissioner, Elkhart County Redevelopment Commissioner, CASA, Rotarian

          Indiana Young Democrats


          Aaron’s Statement

          Our campaign’s motto,  a better tomorrow, emphasizes the need and desire to create a better tomorrow for all Hoosiers. By raising the minimum wage, marijuana legalization, to criminal justice reform, we can do just that. 

          Our youth are our future, which is why I’m proud to receive the endorsement of the Indiana Young Democrats.”

          Hoosiers for Public Education


          Aaron’s Statement

          “Children are the future, and teachers are the shepherds of that future. Currently teachers in Indiana are underpaid, undervalued and under-represented in the statehouse.


           I plan on changing that. Our campaign’s motto is “a better tomorrow”, and supporting teachers, para-professionals and support staff is a key part of that.

          I proudly accept the endorsement of Hoosiers for Public Education.”

          Sierra Club Endorsement


          Aaron’s Statement

          Climate change is real. It’s exacerbated by mankind and is one of the existential crisis facing our nation, and our planet. Which is why I am proud to announce that I have been endorsed by the Indiana Hoosier Sierra Club. The Sierra club, along with the Sunrise Movement endorsement, show this campaign’s dedication to environmental protection.

          Together we can move toward renewable energy, protect our environment, and guide our state to a better tomorrow.”

          Indiana NORML


          Aaron’s Statement

          Indiana has long been an island of prohibition in a sea of legalized marijuana. It’s time we not only legalize and tax marijuana sales, but expunge those convicted of non violent Marijuana possession. Let us follow the footsteps of neighboring states and invest the tax revenue in education and infrastructure.

          I proudly accept the endorsement of Indiana NORML.
          Vote Mishler for Indiana House 48.”

          Stonewall Democrats Endorsement


          Aaron’s Statement

          Thank you to the Indiana Stonewall Democrats for their wonderful endorsement.

          LGBTQ+ rights are human rights.

          Fraternal Order of Police Endorsement


          Aaron’s Statement

          “I gratefully accept the endorsement of the Indiana Fraternal Order of the Police.


          Moms Demand Action Endorsement


          Aaron’s Statement

          I’m very proud to to have the “Gun Sense” endorsement from Moms Demand Action.


          We must work together to find common sense solutions to end gun violence.

          Allan Kauffman Endorsement


          Aaron’s Statement

          “Thank you to former Goshen Mayor Allan Kauffman for his wonderful endorsement of our State house district 48 race.”


          Planned Parenthood Endorsement


          The Indiana state house has 100 seats. I am proud to say I am one of six state house candidates to be endorsed by Planned Parenthood Advocates of Indiana and Kentucky.

          “We value your leadership on reproductive health, rights, and equity in our communities. We know you will continue to be a dedicated advocate for our organization and we look forward to working with you.”


          Rod Roberson Endorsement


          “I am proud to endorse Aaron Mishler for Indiana’s House District 48. I’ve seen Aaron work and I trust that he will be a true representative, listening to all voices, regardless from which side of the aisle they come. Aaron understands what it takes to affect change and will commit himself fully to that end.”


          Rod Roberson
          Elkhart Mayor 

          United Auto Workers Endorsement


          Aaron’s Statement

          Today I’m proud to report our campaign for State House 48 has been endorsed by the United Auto Workers, Region 2B.


          Hoosier workers are some of the best trained, and hardest workers in America, and I’ll fight to make sure they are well represented in the state house.

          Join us!”

          Endorsed by Sunrise Movement


          Aaron’s Statement

          “Climate change is an existential threat impacting all of us, from soil erosion to extreme drought hurting Hoosier farmers, and far more.


          We have a lot at stake, but I know that by working together, we can tackle any crisis, which is why I’m proud to report that our campaign for State House has been endorsed by the Sunrise Movement.

          Join us… donate or volunteer today!”

          IBEW Local 153 Endorsement

          IBEW logo7/21/2020

          Aaron’s Statement

          Today I’m proud to report our campaign for Statehouse has been endorsed by IBEW-153.

          From raising the minimum wage, improving working conditions, to repealing right to work. I’ll fight for every worker in the state.

          Join us.”

          Indiana Democratic Veterans Caucus


          Aaron’s Statement

          Thank you to the Indiana Democratic veterans cacaus for their endorsement. The list of support for our goal of flipping IN-48 continues to grow.

          Veterans issues are close to my heart. Growing up the son of a vietnam veteran. I learned early on the struggles veterans face, from healthcare, education, and jobs to simply reintegration after years in the military.
          By working to strengthen our healthcare, by legalizing marijuana, and creating good paying green jobs we can not only help hoosiers, but our hoosier veterans as well.”

          Andrew Strycker, Elkhart Board of Zoning Appeals


          “I was so excited to hear that Aaron was going to run for State Representative this year. We have really needed a change in our current governing body for many, many years now. Aaron represents my generation and their values. He is incredibly involved in our community and lives his beliefs. If anyone deserves to be elected to the state legislature, he is absolutely at the top of that list.”


          Andrew Strycker
          SSG , Indiana National Guard (Ret.)
          Elkhart Board of Zoning Appeals

          Alex Holtz, Educator, Elkhart IN


          “Aaron Mishler cares about students and educators. As a lifelong teacher, I speak regularly with people who have questions about our educational system. Aaron is among the most insightful and perceptive individuals with whom I have discussed this topic. He grasps nuance, understands the difference between needs and wants, and can simultaneously hold in his mind opposing viewpoints. We all will benefit when Mr. Mishler is an Indiana State Representative.”


          Alex Holtz was formerly Elkhart Teachers Association President. He now serves on the Redevelopment Commission.

          ALL IN


          Aaron’s Statement

          “LGBTQ+ rights are human rights. I’m proud to receive the endorsement of the Northwest Indiana Gay Straight Coalition for my campaign for Indiana State House. When elected I’ll work to strengthen laws protecting the LGBTQ+ community. This includes supporting new hate crime legislation and amending Indiana’s hate crime bill to protect gender identity as well. Together we can make a better tomorrow.”

          International Union of Operating Engineers


          Aaron’s Statement

          “I am proud to accept the endorsement of the International Union of Operating Engineers and their 23,000 strong member base. As Abraham Lincoln said, “Labor is the true standard of value.” (February 15, 1861) 

          When elected, I will work diligently to support the efforts of organized labor through Indiana. Where organized labor is strong, the middle class is strong.”